The story of the Gkazas family

We, the Dutch-Greek Gkazas family, produce extra virgin olive oil on our own land in Crete and that of befriended neighbors.

Out of love for the product, we harvest it in the most authentic, pure, and natural way: with our own hands.

Our olive vineyard can be found in the mountains of Central Crete, where the ground is fertilized by free-roaming goats and sheep. The olive trees only receive water from natural rainfall. Every winter, we harvest and press the olives ourselves. The Greek olive oil is unfiltered, cold-pressed, organic, unmixed, and without additives: a pure and honest family product.

Our olive oil


Gkazas Olijfolie The Movie

Gkazas Olive Oil: it all started some time ago.

Tom, Floris, and Eva Reurts are still teenagers. They are siblings and run into local George during their holiday on Crete. They decide he has to be introduced to their mother. A spark erupts and a marriage is the result.

George Gkazas is the proud owner of an olive plantation on Crete, along with the rest of his giant family of seven hundred. The foundation of our olive oil is built.

Now, more than ten years later, Gkazas Olive Oil has grown to a fully-fledged organization, that brings tens of thousands of liters of biological, extra virgin oil per year from Crete to the Netherlands.