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Receive the most delicious olive oil every month

Never fall short of olive oil with our monthly Gkazas subscription. With this monthly subscription, you’ll receive exactly the amount of olive oil you need to get through the month. Straight through your letterbox without additional shipping costs!

Your olive oil is delivered every month through your letterbox for free

Receive your fresh cans of olive oil monthly on your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about missing the delivery guy, as the 300ML can fits through your letterbox. By the way, there aren’t any (additional) shipping costs.

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Choose the amount you need

Are you a real power user or are you satisfied with a bit less? No problem! We offer different quantities. You can choose for 300ML per month or 600ML. By the way, you can easily change your monthly olive supply in your account. Nice, right?

Choose your subscription

Choose the length of your subscription

The length of the subscription is totally up to you. Want to try it out first? Go for the monthly subscription. Rather go for the long term? The 3-month or 6-month subscription is the way to go. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the monthly price of your oil!

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