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The 300ML can with signature Gkazas pouring spout full with Greek olive oil. Straight from Crete through your letterbox, no extra costs. Order 300ML or 600ML per month, we do the rest! Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural, organic, unfiltered, and cold-pressed.

Goes through your letterbox
No shipping costs
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300ML subscription can

The newest edition to the Gkazas family! We are very proud of our 300ML subscription can. This is the first-ever tin can that is designed like this to ensure that it fits straight through your letterbox. Naturally, it has the same fresh Gkazas look as our other cans. However, in order to make it fit through your letterbox and also give it a nifty design for storage, the can is a lot broader and less high (no higher than 2,7 centimeters).

The 300ML can consists of the signature pouring spout full of Greek olive oil. This spout is situated close to one of the sides of the can, ensuring you don’t spill your precious oil whilst pouring it from your can. Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural, organic, unfiltered, and cold-pressed. Furthermore, it is not mixed with other oils and free from other additives.

By the way, did you know that we do everything in our power to guarantee an honest family product? This means that we produce Gkazas Olive Oil ourselves and with the help of befriended farmers in the mountains of Crete. Harvesting and pressing happen in the most authentic way possible: with our own hands. This is the only way we can guarantee extra virgin olive oil of the best quality.

In the meantime, whilst we are busy plucking the olives from the Cretan trees, the 300ML cans are produced. Also in Crete. After we’ve stored our olive oil in big barrels ensuring they have a couple of months of self-filtering, we fill the cans with much love and prepare them for transport to the Netherlands: a fully Cretan family product.

You can return our product within 30 days if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the full product costs.

All the to be returned products should be sent over in their original state.

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