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Never fall short of olive oil

Handy round tin for ultimate convenience

The packaging included our round Gkazas subscription tin fits through the letterbox. Because of its round size, you can easily store and/or stack it. The beautiful design completes the story. After all, looks are important too!

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Your olive oil is delivered every month through your letterbox

Receive your daily recommended amount of Gkazas Olive Oil on your doorstep every month! You don’t have to worry about missing out on our delivery guy since the 300ML can goes straight through your letterbox. By the way, there are no shipping costs. Free shipping, yes baby!

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This is how you use the Gkazas subcription can

It’s a piece of cake!

Pull the pouring spout out of the can

Unscrew the cap

Pour and enjoy

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Choose the amount you need

Are you a real power user or are you satisfied with a bit less? No problem! We offer different quantities. You can choose for 300ML per month or 600ML. By the way, you can easily change your monthly olive supply in your account. Nice, right?

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Choose the length of your subscription

The length of the subscription is totally up to you. Want to try it out first? Go for the monthly subscription. Rather go for the long term? The 3-month or 6-month subscription is the way to go. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the monthly price of your oil!

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Olive oil subscriptions from the Gkazas family

Would you like to know more about our olive oil subscriptions? Got ya! We harvest our olive oil in Crete on our own land and that of befriended farmers that live close to us. Gkazas Olive Oil has grown enormously, thanks in part to your enthusiasm. However, in order to sustain this year-on-year increase in demand, we’ve had to ask local farmers to help us out. A big plus is that we know them and their way of harvesting olives. For example, we all harvest in the most authentic way; manually. We then lay large nets on the ground and knock the olives out of the tree with sticks.

After that, we directly bring the harvested olives to the olive presses that are situated nearby. Only in this way is the quality of the olives guaranteed and is it possible for us to ensure that we produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. The indicator here is that the oil must be as the Greeks like it. Yes, that is a challenge, but luckily we manage to meet these high-quality requirements every year. Now it’s a matter of patience. We leave the extra virgin olive oil for a few months so that it can filter itself. All heavy particles sink to the bottom and the olive oil takes on its golden yellow color.

Finally, the extra virgin olive oil is loaded and ready for transport. Thus, we ensure it is fresh from tree to bottle. Or from tree to can of course. And since we increasingly heard from people that they also love some convenience, now also in the form of our Gkazas Olive Oil subscriptions. The same quality olive oil delivered straight to your doorstep through the letterbox!

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