Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our FAQ. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about Gkazas, our olive oil, production, delivery and much more. Is your answer and/or question not listed? Please feel free to contact us.


When you place the order (within the Netherlands) before 17.00 o’clock, you will have the oil delivered to your home the following day. Internationally this is hard to say, as this is variable due to the different distributors that we work with. You can always send us a message through the contact form for more information.

No, it depends on the deliverer at what time the oil is delivered.

Yes. Although the shipping costs are on us with orders above €35.

Gkazas works together with PostNL and their partners.

The deliverer will leave a note saying where you can pick up the product. This could be at the neighbors, at a pick up point or that your product will be delivered at another time.


Yes, our olive oil is produced in an authentic, pure and natural way. The earth is only fertilized by sheep and goats that roam free. The olive trees only receive water from natural rainfall.

Yes, after the harvest, the olives are washed, grounded and then cold-presseds

During the production of virgin olive oil, no calefaction or other resources are used. The olive oil is produced by the means of pressing through pressure.

This is the most expensive quality olive oil with the most distinguishing taste.

Gkazas is extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil from the highest quality.

Our biological, Crete olive oil is made from the Psilolia Koroneiki olive. This is the olive that grows on our olive plantations in Crete.

There is no difference between the two. Both are olive oil from the same highest quality.


You can pay with Paypal, iDeal, credit card or on request after purchase.

We would like you to contact us via the mail, contact form or telephone if you are not satisfied or have a complaint. Our employees will help you within 48 hours and find a suitable solution together with you. Do you want to return the product or get your money back? Then please make sure that you send us the product back in the same way that you received it. You will receive the payment excluding shipping costs within seven days. Are you not yet familiar with our olive oil? Then it could be a good idea to order a smaller quantity. It is always possible to order a larger quantity, such as 5 liters, when Gkazas Olive Oil pleases you.

Working together

Yes, we work together with a lot of retailers and you can also be a part of that. We would love to tell you about the possibilities and can deliver samples of our biological Greek olive oil.

You can contact us and then we can go through all the information or we can come by your business. You can sell our olive oil in your restaurant, sell it as a retailer or offer our products in your shop.

Then you can always contact us.


We would like for you to contact us when you have problems with your order. You can contact us through the contact form, e-mail or by calling us.

Buying Gkazas Olive Oil

Yes, you can buy our Greek olive oil in the webshop on our website.

Yes, you can buy our Greek olive oil at one of our many retail points. You can find these shops on our website under ‘retail points’.

We are sorry to say that is not possible, as your order is immediately sent out in order to deliver your product(s) as soon as possible. Has something gone wrong? Please contact us.

It can happen that something goes wrong during ordering. When this happens we would like to ask you to contact us so we can fix this problem together with you as quick as possible.


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