You can easily spread olive oil on your bread with this ‘olive oil-roller’

1 Nov '2017 Lifestyle

Here at Gkazas, we’re quite creative when it comes to selling our product. You might already know our different containers in which we sell our olive oil. Besides creating delicious olive oil, we feel that presentation is something that deserves time and effort. We are not the only ones that feel this way, of course, and we encourage those who share our vision.

Olive oil-roller

Recently, we noticed the olive oil-roller. The incredibly talented Croatian design firm Oaza (check out their website) designed the oil-roller pictured above. They distinguish themselves by creating beautiful designs. Not only of products we use daily, but they also do amazing art and fashion projects.

olive oil-roller

The oil-roller looks like a comfortable to hold jar that contains extra virgin olive oil that can easily be refilled with your favourite brand of olive oil. The rolling ball ensures that the olive oil gets spread equally on a slice of bread.

At Gkazas we love to splash our olive oil on food. However, that does leave a bit of a mess. We can imagine that others would rather take a cleaner approach. This is why we would love to give this roller a try and share our thoughts. Unfortunately, the oil-roller is not being manufactured just yet. We believe, however, that it can’t possibly take long before they start production.