How to properly take care of an olive tree
How to properly take care of an olive tree

How to properly take care of an olive tree

16 November 2017

Some time ago, we sent a couple of food bloggers a mini olive tree. We hope these trees are still in good health. Fortunately, olive trees need relatively little care. However, in order to enjoy this Greek treasure for many more years, we have some tips for people with olive trees.

olive tree

What you should do when taking care of an olive tree:

– Before you repot your olive tree to a larger pot you should keep the larger pot filled with water for a while. The pot absorbs water that will surely do your olive tree some good.

-Repot the tree as quickly as possible to this larger pot after purchase and use fertile black soil.

Olive trees require a lot of sunlight so be sure to place the tree where it gets the most sunlight during the day. Preferably on a windowsill facing the South. Don’t forget to open the curtains!

-If your location allows it, you can place the tree outside in late spring. However, be sure the temperature does not go below 10 degrees Celsius during the night.

-Water the tree once a week at the most. That is not too big of a job, right? When you are in doubt if your tree needs water just check if the soil sticks to your fingers. If it doesn’t, it needs water.

-If you want to speed up the growth of your tree, make sure you use organic fertilizer. The best time to do this is once a week from April untill August. Do not place the fertilizer on the stem of the tree but around it and add water.

olive tree

What you should not do when taking care of an olive tree:

– Do not solely fill it up with fertilizer or compost instead of using fertile black soil when repotting. This might harm the young tree.

– Do not face the tree North (not enough sun) or too close to the window that might harm the leafs.

– Too much water harms the tree so make sure you only water it once a week and do not overdo it. The bigger the pot, the easier for the tree to regulate its water-absorption.

Your experiences

We are really curious about how your tree is doing! Send us pictures of it on Facebook. Don’t have the patience to grow your own olives and make your own olive oil? Order some from our webshop!

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